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Dental Prosthetist at Arana Hills

Dental Prosthetist

Dental Prosthetist


Why see a Dental Prosthetist?


Dentists are one of a number of dental professionals. There are other specialists with different training and duties who serve in the dental field. One of them is known as the dental Prosthetist. The word implies a relative relation to Dentures, and Denturists or Dental Prosthetist are the experts in examining your jaw and taking measurements for dentures. Later on, they construct the dentures, deliver them, and then fit them into a patient’s mouth.

Dental Prosthetists are the reliable partners of prosthodontists, the doctors who are expert in oral and maxillofacial prosthetics (these are non-native implants to the mouth, face and neck) and who are part cosmetic dentists in that their surgical implants help align your teeth. Meanwhile, Dental Prosthetists fit dentures in non-surgical settings and often have independent practices.

Your Dental Prosthetist like Denture Square Team usually graduates from an accredited Dental Prosthetic program. After some time in OJT (on the job training), they are required to obtain a national license. Dental Prosthetists are often called upon to replace missing teeth with partial or total dentures. Like dentists, they also play a big part in getting back a patient’s self-esteem.


What does a Dental Prosthetist do?


The mission is to provide durable dental replacements that are good to look at and comfortably fit patients. Their tasks include, but are not limited to:

    • Collecting a patient’s medical history to see all the problems related to a patient’s having dentures
    • Conducting expert visual examinations of a patient’s mouth and overall facial structure.
    • Making impressions (or molds) that will help in making dentures or for denture repairs
    • Becoming expert in all types of dentures and how to fit them. These include partial, full, upper, lower dentures or, in some cases, overdentures.


  • Managing a team of dental professionals.

For the best Dental Prosthetist in Arana Hills, Brisbane, and the surrounding areas, you can rely on Denture Square Brisbane. We have an excellent referral program that will choose the most accessible team relative to your budget, your location, or any specific service that you need.

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