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Sports Mouthguards

Customized MouthGuards

Mouthguards BrisbaneMouth pieces or better called mouthguards are the devices of high utility, majorly use to protect the teeth and gums to prevent the occurrence of any damage on them. Mouthguards are mostly utilized while doing some swash-buckling activities like mountain cycling, skiing or playing sports like rugby, football, martial arts etc. There is also an option to customize the mouthguards by adding the team name or logo.



There is no deny over the fact that sports mouthguards Brisbane are a tool of high utility for any sportsperson. Mouthguards are devised specifically to protect the teeth and gums of athletes from any major injury. The usage of mouthguards are not only limited up to the sports, it is extensively used in dentistry to protect the teeth of people with braces. It protects the upper teeth region along with the soft and delicate tissues of cheeks, lips, and tongue. Let’s check out the types of mouthguards available in the market.

  • Customized Mouthguards As clear from the name itself, this type of mouthguard is designed to fit in your mouth perfectly. First, the expert dentist takes the impression of your mouth then they create the custom-fitted mouth guards according to the dimension of teeth and mouth. Custom-fitted mouthguards are exorbitant in price as compare to other mouthguards because they are customized especially for you.
  • Pre-Made Mouthguards These mouthguards Brisbane are way less expensive than the custom-fitted mouthguards. Pre-made mouthguards can be worn immediately right after the purchase but don’t fit in the mouth well. Because of their improper size, pre-made mouthguards make it difficult for the person to talk and breath properly.
  • Boil and Bite Mouthguards These mouth guards are widely purchased by drug and sporting goods store, as these offer a better fit in comparison to the stock mouth protector. For more, this mouthguard is first softened and then after inserted in order to allow it to adopt the perfect shape of the mouth. But, it won’t be wrong to say that custom-made mouthguard are far better than boil and bite one as these are neither bulky nor raise any fitting issue if you have braces on your teeth. In short, boil and bite are just for the average mouth size and not for everyone.


Procedure Of Making Custom Mouthguard

The whole procedure of making the custom mouthguard is quite simple. At onsite laboratory, firstly the impression of your teeth is taken then that impression is poured into the mold along with stone to create the mouthguard. You always have the choice of choosing the color of your mouthguard.


custom mouthguards brisbane

Custom Mouthguards Brisbane

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