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Denture Wearers are sometimes at greater risk of oral health problems and complications, including tooth loss, because of the medications they take. Certain medications cause dry mouth, increasing the likelihood of cavities, gum disease and other dental problems in their ages. Fortunately, a strong dental strategy can help older patients keep their teeth and gums healthy. Dentures Bridgeman Downs

How Dry Mouth can cause Cavities

Saliva is key to natural cavity prevention and tooth repair. Antibacterial substances contained by saliva help prevent bad oral bacteria from growing out of control and destroying the teeth. At the same time, calcium and other minerals in saliva help the body replace tooth enamel lost from erosion. If the supply of saliva reduce, the teeth no longer can benefit from these protective factors, leaving them more vulnerable to the ravages of bacteria. Dental cavities, tooth infections and tooth loss are more likely to occur unless patients identify and resolve causes of their dry mouth. While disease can cause the mouth to dry out, this condition often results from medications common among older adults.

If you suffer from dry mouth, you will benefit from paying special attention to your oral health. When dry mouth results from medication, you may be able to switch to an alternative drug that lacks this side effect. Drugs most often to blame for dry mouth including antidepressants, antihistamines, anti-anxiety drugs, pain medications,chemotherapy drugs.

It is important to note that medication changes should only be made under the direction of a medical doctor. Meanwhile, you can also reduce your chances of needing tooth cavity treatment by watching your diet and brushing and flossing every day. Sugary foods, which are notorious for causing cavities, are even more important to limit or avoid as long as you are suffering from dry mouth.

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